Online Resources

For home access to all  online databases ask your librarian or library associate for username and password information.
TexQuest is a statewide digital resources program that provides anytime, anywhere access to high quality, authoritative digital resources to all educators, students, and students' immediate families in Texas K-12 public schools and open enrollment charter schools.

Destiny Quest
 is our online library search tool for the 21st Century teacher/student.  Discover how easy authoritative searching can be through Web Path Express and One Search!  Print Books, eBooks, and AV materials - HIGHLY GRAPHIC, ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE! Experience the BEST and be successful!

Follett Shelf eBooks is our online digital library.  Students and teachers may read these books online or check them out for later online use.  There are fiction and nonfiction titles, which may  be read for pleasure or used for teaching in the classroom.  These eBooks may be accessed 365/24/7.  Username and password is desotoisd.

 World ad I contains theme oriented information which features thousands of images and articles on global cultures.  The perfect cross curricular resource for Social Studies, English, Science, Arts, Spanish and ESL.

 NBC Learn provides collections of video resources, primary sources, historic footage, images and documentaries for use by students and teachers in the classroom.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online is an Internet resource that has encyclopedia information, Internet Guides, and links to magazine articles.  Britannica also has a world atlas, dictionary, thesaurus, historical timelines, images, and multimedia.

Spanish Reference Center is the Spanish version of our other Encyclopedia Britannica. This would be great a great resource for any Spanish speaker or student taking Spanish.

Global Reference Center is a division of Encyclopedia Britannica which has an extensive collection of foreign languange content including Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French. 

Enciclopedia Juvenil is a spanish division Encyclopedia Britannica and is helpful for beginning Spanish classes.  It provides a Spanish elementary encyclopedia, images, videos, and learning materials. 

Merriam Webster's collegiate Dictionary provides pronunciation, function, etymology, definition and thesaurus information.  Log in to Encyclopedia Britannica to use this dictionary.


Kids InfoBits is the perfect educational product for today's young learners. It's a content-rich, authoritative, easy-to-use resource featuring age-appropriate content covering a broad range of educational topics. It features a modern, graphical interface, great new content from trusted sources, more intuitive navigation, improved resources, and much more.

Brittanica E-Stax
Collection of Non Fiction E-books

EBSCO E-books
Collection of E-books  provided by EBSCO.

Teaching Books.Net provides original, in-studio movies of authors and illustrators, and a wealth of multimedia resources on K–12 books to support reading and library activities for all grades and content areas. 

Gale Cengage Learning

Gale CENGAGE offers a window to multiple databases for all ages.

ProQuest Sirs DiscoverProQuest SIRS Discoverer is a multidisciplinary database for elementary and middle school learners, researchers, and educators covering curriculum areas such as current events, history, health, language arts, math, science, social studies, and technology.  All newspaper, magazine and reference content is 100% full text, editorially-selected and indexed from over 2,200 reliable, high-quality domestic and international sources. The collection includes 9,000+ integrated educational weblinks and reference materials such as the Compton’s by Britannica encyclopedia and DK Eyewitness books.