About the School

The Northside Way

At Northside, we are passionate about the education of all students.Wehave high expectations for our student’s learning and behavior.We earned a Recognized rating for the 2008-09 school year, Exemplary Inthe 2009-10 school year, and are Recognized this year, 2010-11, despite the state's changing of standands and removal of projection measures!
Our school-wide positive behavior program teaches students expectations for behavior. The Northside WAY guides our campus.
W                   With Respect
A                     Always Responsible
Y                     Yearning to Learn
Our hallways and classrooms are quiet, structured environments where student success is priority number one.
We invite you to visit our campus.You will be greeted by a highly professional staff that is committed to educating and nurturing our talented, bright students.

Northside's 2015 Texas Accountability Rating

Click here for our 2015 Accountability Report